Switch Academy is a creative Information Communication Technology academy with the sole aim of developing and equipping individuals, corporate bodies, private and public organizations thoroughly in ICT world with the use of a state-of-the-art technologies and current standard applications.

We offer professional courses that enable all our students stand out and compete globally.

A cream of versatile professionals, geek, savants with more than a decade in practice with high flexibility and global exposures make up the facilitating team of Switch Academy.

Owing to our outstanding performance and standards, we are proudly supported by international ICT organizations who are team players in global ICT world; these organizations are:

1. Microsoft

2. Adobe

3. Google

The only constant thing in life is Change. As a patriotic company, we believe so much in both personal and group development. Our organization has been able to map out some areas of needs in ICT and we strongly believe in the future of everyone. Considering the global developmental trend, ICT proficiency is a thing of must for anyone to fit in to any suitable organization of choice. We offer courses that cut across all categories and level of ICT professionalism from the beginner to intermediate to Advance stages.


To create a strong and ingenuity world-class individual brand in classified creative trainings

In other words, our certificate is world-class and globally recognized.



• Qualified, flexible and experience Lecturers

• World-class certificate (supported by Microsoft, Adobe and Google)

• Flexible Time Table to suite your tight schedule

• Robust Syllabus to make you achieve your desired dream

• Employment opportunity for best students with some of our partnering companies both local and foreign.



As a professional academy, our course fee per course varies based on the level of entrance into the academy: (1) Beginner (2) Intermediate (3) Advance. 

Also, student determines whether they need an exclusive private tutoring or general class. However, irrespective of the level of entry into the academy, Our Training Fee covers the following area

• Registration

• The entire training

• The Training Course Materials

• World-class training certificate.

There is discount of 10% for anyone who is offering more than one course at a time from the ACADEMY



Our course is a 3 weeks stretched program which runs from Mondays to Friday. Hence, there are weekend classes of Saturdays and Sundays for those who cannot meet up with the weekly classes.



Good Ambient and serene environment for training at SWITCH ACADEMY John Paul II Center, Opp. U.I. Bookshop, University of Ibadan.



We also have presence in Ondo, Osun, Ekiti and Ogun State

Note lectures run throughout the year; we have 6 streams for the whole year. This is a great opportunity to grab as we Learn from the Experts in Just 6weeks