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Switch Academy is a creative Information Communication Technology (ICT) institution with the sole aim of developing, equipping and giving a world-class creative tutoring to individuals, corporate, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Switch Academy Courses


Learning the basics of photography will provide you with a solid foundation for future photography classes. Photography is perfect if you have never studied the art and science of photography. Start learning photography with Light and the Photographer and Understanding Color in Photography. You will

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This entails Character animation, 3D animation, 3D build, etc. Flexible syllabus to ensure that you know everything you need to know. Our seasoned lecturer will take you beyond your expectations. 

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Visual Effects

This is the use of Adobe After Effects to create motion graphics, effects and animation. Development of Commercial Adverts, Animations in movies, motion effects and so on. A foreign trained seasoned and flexible facilitator with global exposure is available to give you the BEST you deserve. SYLLABU

Animation Graphics

Architectural Visualization

At switch Academy, creating your own architectural drawings, designs and building a 2D and 3D for your building or client is one of our main goals. Creating your own world with flexibility is of essence. OBJECTIVE: To create a photorealistic Architectural rendering of a 3d Interior and Exterior des

Animation Graphics

Digital Painting

Our digital drawing and painting course entails drawing of characters, cartoons, etc with computer and also creation of a suitable environment through computer digital painting. You can create your world and also turn every mind pictures to reality. A flexible and seasoned comic character expert wil

Animation Graphics

Web Development

Building an event-driven state-of-the-art, dynamic, functional and visually impressive websites such as: e-commerce website, portals, event driven-interactive website and lots more are skills waiting for you to grab at our website development class. A versatile expert and an international competitio

Web Development

Brand Development and Graphics

Branding and graphics are creative courses you cannot do without in any organization. Creating a suitable interpretation and facelift for every organization cost a great fortune. A graphics guru with over 15years experience in branding and graphics is waiting to replicate his expertise in you and gi


"Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."

- Pablo Picasso